Hospitality Practices

Hospitality Practices develops knowledge, understanding and skills about the hospitality industry and emphasises the food and beverage sector, which includes food and beverage production and service.

Students develop an understanding of hospitality and the structure, scope and operation of related activities in the food and beverage sector and examine and evaluate industry practices from the food and beverage sector.

Students develop skills in food and beverage production and service. They work as individuals and as part of teams to plan and implement events in a hospitality context. Events provide opportunities for students to participate in and produce food and beverage products and perform service for customers in real-world hospitality contexts.


A course of study in Hospitality Practices can establish a basis for further education and employment in the hospitality sectors of food and beverage, catering, accommodation and entertainment. Students could pursue further studies in hospitality, hotel, event and tourism or business management, which allows for specialisation.