Legal Studies

Legal Studies focuses on the interaction between society and the discipline of law and explores the role and development of law in response to current issues. Students study the legal system and how it regulates activities and aims to protect the rights of individuals, while balancing these with obligations and responsibilities.

Students study the foundations of law, the criminal justice process and the civil justice system. They critically examine issues of governance, explore contemporary issues of law reform and change, and consider Australian and international human rights issues.

Students develop skills of inquiry, critical thinking, problem-solving and reasoning to make informed and ethical decisions and recommendations. They identify and describe legal issues, explore information and data, analyse, evaluate to make decisions or propose recommendations, and create responses that convey legal meaning. They question, explore and discuss tensions between changing social values, justice and equitable outcomes.


A course of study in Legal Studies can establish a basis for further education and employment in the fields of law, law enforcement, criminology, justice studies and politics. The knowledge, skills and attitudes students gain are transferable to all discipline areas and post-schooling tertiary pathways. The research and analytical skills this course develops are universally valued in business, health, science and engineering industries.