Modern History

Modern History provides opportunities for students to gain historical knowledge and understanding about some of the main forces that have contributed to the development of the Modern World and to think historically and form a historical consciousness in relation to these same forces.

Modern History enables students to empathise with others and make meaningful connections between the past, present and possible futures.

Students learn that the past is contestable and tentative. Through inquiry into ideas, movements, national experiences and international experiences they discover how the past consists of various perspectives and interpretations.

Students gain a range of transferable skills that will help them become empathetic and critically- literate citizens who are equipped to embrace a multicultural, pluralistic, inclusive, democratic, compassionate and sustainable future.


A course of study in Modern History can establish a basis for further education and employment in the fields of history, education, psychology, sociology, law, business, economics, politics, journalism, the media, writing, academia and strategic analysis.