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We have several ways to make payments to the school.  In person at school, via BPay or by online payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We encourage parents to contact us if you are experiencing any difficulty paying school fees as we wish to avoid accounts going into arrears. The school offers a variety of payment plans to assist parents in managing their account with the school.

If you wish to discuss financial arrangements please contact Student Services:


(07) 5568 4320

Below is a video explaining school fees. 



The QParents app is a secure, online portal that has been created by the Department of Education to provide parents of Queensland state school students with 24-hour access to their child’s information.

The portal allows you to securely access information about your child and communicate directly with your child’s school.

Access to student information such as:

  • Attendance details
  • Behaviour
  • Report cards and assessment
  • Timetables
  • Invoices
  • Payment history
  • Upcoming events
  • Student photo

You are also able to update your child’s details including address and medical conditions, submit reasons for unexplained absences, notify the school of future absences, and make online payments against school invoices.

More information available here.

Munch Monitor

      • Does your student order from the canteen?
      • Did they pay with their phone in the past?
      • As we now have a no phones policy – what can you do? Purchase without cards, cash or phones at school!
      • Want to have fewer worries about loss or theft?
      • Want the ability to pre-order?

Check out Munch Monitor details here!

Homestay Information

Elanora State High School has a homestay family base with caring people who have been involved with our school for many years.

Each family is personally visited and inspected by school personnel, checked by the Police and issued with a special card by the Queensland Government Children’s Commissioner.

Students from overseas are encouraged to become part of our families and learn about Australian life.

Bring Your Own Device

By providing an opportunity for students to bring their own device, Elanora State High School endeavours to produce a learning experience that meets student needs in a 21st century learning environment.

By supporting students to become responsible digital citizens, we enhance not only their learning in the classroom, but also the development of skills that will prepare them for their future studies and careers.

Find out all the specifics about buying a device and setting it up on our school website.


Elanora State High School is a uniform school in accordance with the decision made by the parent community (P&C). A school uniform helps in achieving the school’s identity, cohesion, tone, pride and spirit.

ALL students are required to wear the uniform correctly and are encouraged to take pride in their appearance by keeping their uniform neat and tidy. No modifications are permitted without the Principal’s written approval.

Note: the uniform changes from junior school (Yrs 7-9) to senior school (Yrs 10-12).

We have a uniform shop on campus that is open Monday – Wednesday 7.30 – 9.00am. Or you can call and make an appointment.

You can see uniform examples and see the current pricing on our school website.