Psychology provides opportunities for students to engage with concepts that explain behaviours and underlying cognitions.

Students examine individual development in the form of the role of the brain, cognitive development, human consciousness and sleep. They investigate the concept of intelligence; the process of diagnosis and how to classify psychological disorder and determine an effective treatment; and the contribution of emotion and motivation on individual behaviour. They examine individual thinking and how it is determined by the brain, including perception, memory, and learning. They consider the influence of others by examining theories of social psychology, interpersonal processes, attitudes and crosscultural psychology.

Students learn and apply aspects of the knowledge and skill of the discipline (thinking, experimentation, problem-solving and research skills), understand how it works and how it may impact society.


A course of study in Psychology can establish a basis for further education and employment in the fields of psychology, sales, human resourcing, training, social work, health, law, business, marketing and education.