Sport and Recreation

Sport and Recreation provides students with opportunities to learn in, through and about sport and active recreation activities, examining their role in the lives of individuals and communities.

Students examine the relevance of sport and active recreation in Australian culture, employment growth, health and wellbeing. They consider factors that influence participation in sport and recreation, and how physical skills can enhance participation and performance in sport and recreation activities. Students explore how interpersonal skills support effective interaction with others, and the promotion of safety in sport and recreation activities. They examine technology in sport and recreation activities, and how the sport and recreation industry contributes to individual and community outcomes.

Students are involved in acquiring, applying and evaluating information about and in physical activities and performances, planning and organising activities, investigating solutions to individual and community challenges, and using suitable technologies where relevant. They communicate ideas and information in, about and through sport and recreation activities. They examine the effects of sport and recreation on individuals and communities, investigate the role of sport and recreation in maintaining good health, evaluate strategies to promote health and safety, and investigate personal and interpersonal skills to achieve goals.


A course of study in Sport and Recreation can establish a basis for further education and employment in the fields of fitness, outdoor recreation and education, sports administration, community health and recreation and sport performance.